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Many look at "Easter" as summing up the plan of God however it is the Passover that makes the rest of God's plan for mankind possible.  It is just the beginning though.  Take a journey through the Passover and how it brings us to a family relationship with our Creator.

One of the most exciting holy days has the answer. It's call Days of Unleavened Bread and there was a ceremony to be performed on the morning after the Sabbath following the Passover.  A hand full of grain to be waved before the Lord to be accepted in place of the rest of the harvest.  Jesus, the first of the first-fruits had to wait for the exact time as foretold in the holy days to ascend to the Father. That's why he said not to touch him for he hadn't done so though the grave was empty since before daylight.

Inside of the Sabbath you can find the holy days and the plan of God completely laid out for his children.  It was made for man and is a weekly reminder of the creation, the fall and salvation of man, the future 1000 year rest or Millennium, the rest the creation will experience and finally the "day of  the Lord" or the day without end.  Truly a remarkable set of teachings wrapped up in our gift from our Father, the Sabbath.  Remember to keep it holy.

Two part Sermon given during the Days of Unleavened Bread showing how the Holy Days outline the TIME line of God's plan for mankind.    Most churches have no problem understanding the plan of God from the Holy Days that have occurred. However the future is lost to their understanding for they don't look to the one that have yet to be fulfilled for answers.

Learn how the first order of business with God when he calls someone is to introduce them to the Sabbath and Holy Days. This was true from Adam through the Fathers and prophets.  Since these days teach us the plan of God it is reasonable that you will find them being taught long before Mt.Sinai by God to his people.  They were to teach their children but in the new covenant God ultimately does that job.

Was salvation available prior to the "new" covenant? What did scripture mean saying Christ would "Confirm the covenant"?   Gensis and Exodus show the administration of the covenant being changed several times as Israel sins.  If leaders failed the children paid the price so Israel developed a saying; "The father's have eaten the sour grape but the children's teeth are on edge".  The better promises of Hebrews 8 is that God will teach you rather than having to depend on your father or a Levite. The NT is about changing of the guardians from humans to God himself.

Did Adam and Eve know about the Tree of Life before they took of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?  The answer may surprise you. It will help you understand the difference between the Old and New Covenant.  This sermon was given by Steve Sheppherd while he was pastor of the Elkhart Indiana congregation for UCG.

After going through the covenant material this sermon shows just how understanding the covenant is the only way you can understand the Bible.  It is a vital key.  Scriptures will come alive with fresh and deeper meaning proving again that every word is inspired and for our admonition.

A Pentecost Sermon.  Jesus is called the firstborn of many brethern.  Pentecost is properly called "Feast of the Firstfruits".  By looking at the Reproduction process we will understand how that process pictures salvation and how essential the Holy Spirit is.

A four part series that shows why it's called the feast of Trumpets (plural) and that it pictures the Day of the Lord and return of Jesus Christ.  By following the timeline and the fact that there are SEVEN trumps we learn that Christ can't come back without plenty of warning, both to us and the world.

How the necessary holy days are mentioned in the Garden of Eden and how by being At-one-ment with God we defeat Satan. It shows the connection between being married to God at the resurrection and being "At-one-ment". That it is through being at one that we conquer the devil.

Let travel back to the role of the High Priest.  Did Adam need a High Priest.  How about the Fathers?  How did Aaron get the job.  Who was Melchizideck and why is there so much time discussing him in Hebrews if we are a "new covenant" church? We hope to get a better idea of the role of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

The story of Joseph is the story of salvation.  It foretells how Christ would be betrayed, sold and killed.  But also how he would return and be put over all things under God.  It's an interesting story especially to see the repentance of Joseph's brothers.

This book of the bible comes alive now that we understand the old and new covenants. Since it's an administration change we can understand why Paul covered the subjects he did with the Hebrews. They would no longer as a nation be in charge of the covenant. God would be.

Having the Passover is like eating a meal with Christ.  It is far from being an "old testament" festival but is rich with meaning for the Christian.

It shows the intimate relationship Christ desires and how we are to become one with God.

An eight part series that shows how love your neighbor and civil rights were through out the old testament and the law was full of judgment, mercy and faith.        

Love summed up the law even in the old covenant.  This was given in bible study form and sometimes you are unable to hear the questions from the congregation.

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